Following the upcoming market trend, TCL is working on a foldable phone that bends into a smartwatch

TCL, the Chinese company that is best known for budget televisions, Blackberry mobiles, and Alcatel brands is developing five new devices. The devices that TCL is working upon will have flexible displays. The upcoming products include two tablets, two smartphones, and a phone that could turn into a smartwatch, according to reports.

Besides this, the two smartphones too will have a fold that bends (both internal and external) along the horizontal axis. However, none of them shares any similarity in design to the Samsung foldable phone.

The upcoming trend of foldable devices in mobile design may again get us interested in phones. The industry feels that users are not frequently changing their phones, instead, they are holding on to them for a more extended period. This may affect long term sales and customer may ignore pricier upgrades. That’s why the focus on reintroducing foldable electronic devices.

This development is still speculation, and there is a possibility that TCL may change or scrap these plans. But a TCL executive has disclosed that company may be releasing its first foldable device in 2020. The executive said that the foldable technology would be appearing in other consumer products such as wearable, home appliances, and Televisions.

TCL has a licensing deal for making productivity based phones with Blackberry. It has also licensed out the Palm name to start up that makes tine companion phones for the primary phone.

On the other hand, Google has promised Android support for foldable devices. Flexipai is a foldable smartphone from startup Royole. The foldable smartphone is available at a price of $1,318 ((£1,209) with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. It folds like a book with its screen on the outside. Apple too has patent filings for foldable phone design.

There have been reports that Samsung too would be launching Galaxy S10 soon. The device from Samsung will be a tablet when fully opened and a phone when folded. Samsung is using new technology for a display called Infinity Flex Display, which allows the device to be opened and closed any number of times without any fall in the performance.