Rainbow Six Siege has an upcoming plethora of support in its fourth year

The game developer Burnt Horizon hopes to enter the fourth year of the game Rainbow Six Siege. Additionally, Ubisoft will be updating the post-launch support and also keep adding up to the game. It hopes to add to players’ behaviors, better themes, events, and functionalities to the game. Plans are in the offing to reorganize the development team to bring about the above-said changes.

The game developers will be introducing a significant change to the game by dividing the development team in to direct dedicated cells that will be responsible for the significant parts of the game like events, balance, maps, and operators. There will be a developer team who will be looking after player behavior and toxicity. This is expected to make the game more pleasant and balanced. Besides this, the players who troll their team by friendly fire will be penalized by the amount of damage they cause, according to an added new feature.

The eight new operators will have the same cadence but with an improved focus on maps. Fourth would be having a new map and three reworks. Ubisoft will focus on both the first time players and the experienced ones. There will be queues, and player sorting to support new players come aboard while at the same time retaining the competitive experience of the older players.

The developers will also be putting a greater impetus over the events as a way to introduce lighter themes and challenges into the gaming world on Rainbow Six Siege. These are extra useful as a testbed for newer ideas. Left 4 Dead-style campaign was one such development. There have been reports that Ubisoft will hold future events based on this element to introduce better twists and turns in the game. Going this way, it could also test how the gaming community is receiving these new features.